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We Love Design. Play with us?

We Love Design. Play with us?

Are you a creative person and are you good at designing?


Do you want to have a different light in your home or a design lamp that only your customers can have?


Belight wants to build your design!


Send us your design or lamp sketch with very Belighter style and we manufacture it for you.


We ask you only a few requirements:

      - Let it be a designer lamp with this Nordic-Mediterranean style that defines us.

      - Have ´feels´ like Belight (with our bulbs Edison).

      - Make it a very cool lamp.

      - The most important: that you like very much to you


When you have these requirements on paper, you can send it to our generic address (belight@belightbcn.com) and we will start working.

We will pass a manufacturing budget and once approved, in a few days you will have your lamp ready to illuminate your favorite spaces.


But there are still more .. If at Belight we see that your lamp is very cool and we fall in love at first sight we will offer you the possibility to sell your lamp through our website and we will pay you a royalty for each lamp that is sold, this way you will not only have your own Lamp but you will make money with it!


Do you like the plan?

Do not let your creativity be hidden .. we wish we could light it! :)


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Belight Barcelona -  Decoration Lamps