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This Valentine show the passion!

This Valentine show the passion!

It is approaching that day that people love so much, but, do you know that you will make it special on that day to look good with your partner?


Today in the blog of Belight we give you 4 TIPS that can help you to make that day do not sleep on the sofa.


The first detail that we advise is to make or send you a good breakfast.


What kind of breakfast?

Something special that you do not do normally .. You can prepare a bowl of cereals with berries, strawberries and to drink a juice energy natural made with peach and mango. It is also true that there is still enough for the summer and we can start the bikini operation in March .. so a breakfast with chocolate to the cup, croissants and a latte is worth !!

But your partner may not be eating early in the morning .. so we suggest you send him a breakfast to work! Not only will your partner feel the most envied person of your office, but you will get the anger that surely took to not have any details of Valentine already completely vanishes and you will get the objective .... Do not sleep on the couch.

There are several companies that are dedicated to send breakfast to home, in my case, I recommend "Matías good morning", I have used it several times and the truth is that it works very well and the food is very good (I leave the link at the end Of the post).


At Belight we love when we send packages to customers and they receive their lamps because we know the illusion that receives something even if you know what it is, so do not fail to surprise your partner by sending some detail in your office or at home. A classic when we send something would be a bouquet of flowers, a book or a box of chocolates .. I prefer something with more personality:


- Tickets for the theater or a concert


- A letter and inside only an address, a specific time and a dress code (to go to a restaurant at night or just to go for a walk somewhere special)


- A bottle of champagne with a simple note


- Your favorite Belight lamp


- (...)


The important thing in the end is to make you feel that someone else has thought of you and that you feel like doing something with you when the day is over.


Already to finish, another classic by Valentine that can not fail is the romantic dinner, whether in a restaurant or at home. That if ... I recommend that even if you cook dinner at home do not stop giving your partner a gift .. dinner does not strain as a gift even if you have a table in the Celler de Can Roca: D


We hope you have served the TIPS that we have given you and can help you choose the detail for this Valentine, although Belight is not responsible for not liking your partners and end up on the couch.


Link for breakfast at home:



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