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The Bright Future of Incandescent Bulbs

Belight Barcelona
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We know that in this life everything returns. How many restaurants and shops have we seen that they already use as decoration elements the typical incandescent style bulb? And it is that we love how they stay and the warmth they give to spaces.


There are already several customers who asked us to want this lamp for their premises and even their homes and the results have been spectacular! Restaurants, fashion shops, dental clinics, cooking schools, bakeries, offices and a TV set, all with a amazing result.


Do you want this type of lamp in your house? We give you some ideas on how you can put it to your spaces with our Paris & Paris Copper lamp!  


The classic option is to place it on the ceiling. If you have a plug in the ceiling (I know ... sounds strange but I have seen several customers who have it and this lamp is the perfect solution for your home visits to stop looking at the plug that they have over their heads and look The lamp) the best option is to plug it directly there and let the lamp hang onto its roll. Simple and elegant, we want nothing more.


Another option we propose is to create your own pendant lamp with several cables of the same color or different to give more freshness. Once we made the structure with small hooks that we placed in the ceiling, we put the cables in a rosette that we anchored in the ceiling and we realized the corresponding electrical installation (it seems difficult but if in IKEA they provide it you can do it too , That if ... better disconnect the light from the house ... iron and electricity are not good combination;))


The option that you have asked us the most and what we know that you realize is to place the lamp in the plug of your bedside table and roll it with the typical square that is sold in any DIY store or IKEA itself. It is very practical, easy to do and very resultón in sight .. Amazing!


A lamp that I also liked a lot was sent by a customer who put his lamp in a glass container and really was very cool. He put it in his dining room and the result was very striking. I copied your idea and I also put it in my house ..: P


We spent in this blog images of the examples that we have told you to get the idea of ​​how to combine the lamps Paris & Paris Copper! To see which you like more! By the way….


Did you know that Thomas Edison was not the actual inventor of the light bulb? In the next Blog we will explain the history of this type of bulb that we like so much in Belight and some novelty more than sure that you will be interested;)


See you in the next article.


A big hug

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