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Ideas for making your own Lamp

Ideas for making your own Lamp
Ideas for making your own Lamp Ideas for making your own Lamp Ideas for making your own Lamp Ideas for making your own Lamp

A lamp with personality is one of the keys if you want to achieve a creative and different decoration - what the most international people call a must have. You have a million possibilities depending on the type of lighting you want to create and the roll you want to give to your decoration. If you like warm and calm environments, for example, you can choose Nordic wooden lamps to put on the tables; if you like more energetic and fun, a fluoride colored ceiling lamp. You can make lamps with all kinds of materials and of all sizes. Our favorite ones? The ones we have in the BELIGHT shop!!! But... for tasteful colors... and if we can help you choose the perfect lamp for your home we will... ;) That if... we won't tell you other brands... we will show you examples of decorative lamps that have been made by hand like ours!


1. Lamp made of copper tubes
We love cobren tubes, you can do a lot of things with them. In this example, they have used three medium tubes joined at the top to make a simple but elegant floor lamp. We think it looks great with that wooden flooring andthe calm tones chosen for the textiles.

2. Cement lamp
Another very basic material with a million applications, cement. To make these ceiling lamps, which will give a very special industrial roll to any space, they are made using different plastic bottles as the mold. Ideaca!

3. Cardboard lamp and washi tape
These cardboard and washi lamps are sold ready-made, but you can make them at home if you're up for it. There are a lot of models of geometric cardboard lamps like these on the Internet, of different shapes and sizes, but what makes this special one special is that fluoride touch that the designer has achieved with Japanese ribbon covering the artists. A 10.

4. Cardboard and plastic lamp
This creative lamp is the work of Marta, from the Second Funniest Thing blog, and is made from recycled materials. To create it, he used a box of chocolates (!) and the wrappers to line it. A very sweet project!

5. Lamp with wine box
Time to take advantage of that box of wine you have at home. With a glass or acetate screen, cable, a cap and a light bulb, you can make a simple and creative wall lamp. You can paint the box any way you like to customize it, but if the box is pretty, it can look that good. We, of course, paint the interior blue to give it a touch of joy.

We hope you like these ideas and see you at the next Belight News BLOG!


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