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How to light our spaces

How to light our spaces

Today we want to tell you about the different types of light for each room of the house, many of us sin to exceed or shorten many times, so today we are going to give some tips to make it easier for us to illuminate our spaces correctly , Let's go there.


We start with one of the star zones of our house, the living room, this must be very flexible because it needs to cover the various activities we do, we have a trick to hit 100%, we have to take into account this premise that is applicable to the rest of home:


  • General illumination: this is the coldest light but the necessary one to be able to see, is the first one that we light and usually we use ceiling lamps or halogen spotlights
  • Ambient lighting: it is the light that makes a room that is warm and cozy, creates a relaxed and serene atmosphere, are usually table lamps that indirectly illuminate creating that dim light and enhances space
  • Direct lighting: we could say that is the one we use to do more specific activities, such as reading for example, is used to concentrate light at a very specific point in a room

For the dining room, we will use a type of light that helps us to frame the space, we must remember that the lamps should not be very low, as they can dazzle us and it is somewhat uncomfortable. The ideal distance between the table and the lamp would be about 0.80 and 1.20m


The kitchen, large space where we give more use every day, family reunions, homework with children, next to the living room, the heart of the house, here we should look for the functional part but also create a pleasant atmosphere. To cook in a comfortable way and in the spaces that we need to work is where we will concentrate the light with spotlights, in the worktop, the sink or the plates. To create that atmosphere that we were talking about, whether on an island or at the kitchen table, we will use ceiling lamps and to finish, the general illumination will go hand in hand with ceilings that are the ones that will illuminate the room once we enter.


For bedrooms, we recommend that there are two types of lights, the general that gives light to the room and the ambient, which is used for when the space does not need so much intensity, for example when watching TV, browse some magazine or before To sleep, although there are more people who prefer only ambient light to light the bedroom, a matter of taste.


And last but not least, baths, that space that can sometimes be our private spa or in the case of women, a makeup room, we usually tend to put halogen spotlights by the intensity of light they give, these must Be positioned strategically so as not to produce shadows or flashes when we are in front of the mirror.


We hope you liked our second post and help you a little bit when it comes to illuminating your spaces, if you have any doubt, we will be happy to help you.


See you soon


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