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Copper is the new Black!

Copper is the new Black!

Yeap! Copper will continue to belong to the most trendy of 2017. Copper is a MUST in the current decoration thanks to the elegance and modernity.


In 2013 Cooper into the world of decoration thanks to designers like Tom Dixon with his ´Cooper lamp´, a very successful product and decorated many living rooms and kitchens of design enthusiasts. However its use now extends to the whole home or office since it is very easy to combine with other elements also very fashionable in decoration, such as wood, cement and textiles.


It has always been a very used element in the architectural field and as a building material in plumbing and electricity and what was hidden before, today is shown and becomes a decorative element. Ideal for more industrial styles or more informal environments, but also for elegant and glamorous spaces as we present.


But of course ... in Belight we want to look at an element that we love:


The lamps


Copper lamps are perfect for your home this season. With designs to suit all tastes, copper-colored lamps sweep into homes and do so in very different styles: with clear geometric lines and even simple ceiling lamps with some copper-colored detail.


What colors will suit you well with copper?


Cooper combine with natural materials such as stone or wood in clear tonality to counter the effect so characteristic makes by the imposing copper color. In addition, you can also combine them with colors like: pink, mint green, cobalt blue, with neutral colors such as gray, brown and raw.


We leave you 2 proposals of copper lamps made 100% by hand by Belight that will fit perfectly in your spaces and give you this trendy and elegant touch that only copper can give ... at least this 2017;)


------> Florencia Cooper Lamp by Belight Barcelona

------> Paris Cooper Lamp by Belight Barcelona


See you next on next post Belighters!! 

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