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Confortable environments for cold days and Hygge!!

Confortable environments for cold days and Hygge!!

Today in our Blog, we will give you some basic tips to give a touch of warmth to your home in these cold days we are in and we will teach you because the Danes are the happiest in the world.


What is the best way to give warmth to a space? Well apart from the heating .... With wood and light!


The wood is perhaps one of the materials that incorporates more heat to the spaces. Depending on the color of the wood, we can choose according to our tastes, we will bring more warmth. It is very easy to play with this material, it serves many different styles and can be given a personal touch very simply. Another advantage of this material is that it is very good thermal insulation, so in addition to transmitting will make our house stay warmer in winter.


And on the other hand, Light in our home is another very important element that brings warmth if we use it the right way. The cheapest and easiest way to get it is with natural light but if we do not have another option, especially now that night falls soon, we can install non-direct lights and warm colors like those achieved with incandescent light bulbs. Very important to avoid cold colors that tend to blue because we will get the opposite effect.


And besides all this you will ask ... What is the Hygge? Well we have posted on this blog a video of the Youtube channel of the magazine ´El Mueble´ which briefly explains the secret of happiness for the Danes. The warmth in a home is done when you are comfortable with it .. make yourself your home and you will be happy.


We hope you like it!! ;)


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