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Christmas is here!

Christmas is here!

Part of the charm of Christmas decorations are the lights, we see them everywhere, they represent Christmas, their colors, the atmosphere they give to the streets, the lighting is a tool that can help us a lot to dress our home, either in The exterior how inside it, and for that, today we are going to give you some tips to light our house and create that warm Christmas atmosphere that we can all get in any corner of the house.


For those who have a house with some garden, you can take advantage to put outside lights framing some part of it, such as the door, the railing, or whatever element you have that you like, will suffice with a few light garlands placed with a Little of grace and the result will be spectacular, I also have to say that this also applies to a terrace or any outside space that you have and that you want to enhance, it's just a matter of imagination.


If we talk about interior lighting, there are for all tastes, there are those who love that their house is light and is full of adornments, and others more sober, who prefer few nooks with a touch and that's it. Some ideas that can help us:


The classic garlands are suitable for all the spaces of the house, whether hung on the wall, the ceiling, on a shelf, or any corner that comes to mind, today there is a large assortment of them on the market, Of colors and shapes and for all tastes.

The candles, create that decorative effect in the environment, whether inside a glass jar, in old bottles or in a simple candlestick, brighten up any Christmas table or any corner we want to highlight, a good idea for a center, some candles Small, a bit of eucalyptus and a red ribbon and we have a center that will delight all your guests.

Christmas lamps, they serve to dress your house with a Christmas touch, you can also find all types, or yourself, if you are a little handy, you can customize one, children will love if they have some star type.


And finally, I wanted to leave the undisputed king of Christmas decoration at home, the Christmas tree, which brings so much joy to small and old, the nerves of each year to reassemble, and there are so many to choose, personally, me I love to enter the houses of my family and friends and see how they have decorated it, with its lights, its adornments, the gifts already placed, are special moments.


I hope you like the post and I can serve you, from Belight Barcelona, ​​we want to wish all those who follow us happy holidays and hope that you have been good, you never know when a Belight lamp can end up under your tree.


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