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Autumn is here!

Autumn is here!

Autumn is already here and with it comes the time change and the reduction of sunlight. It is an irrefutable fact. Every day, you have to turn on the light first. You know. Autumn passes light bill. In every sense. We miss the bright summer days and pay more at the end of the month.


Let´s turn the story around. How?

Illuminating not to long for but to release a: ´Oh, how comfortable you are at home!´ and at the same time, really save.


We show you 3 tricks that can be good for preparing your home:


Various points of light

Forget the points of light on the ceiling and move them to the ground. More than one and more than two. The more you place, spread over the room, the more welcoming the space will be. The low lighting, by contrast, darkens the ceiling and creates a ´cave effect´ that, far from being uncomfortable, here generates a 100% intimate space. And do not obsess about coordinating the lamps in color or style. The mixture decorates and gives a personal touch to the environment, as here, where metal, wood, fabric and fiber coexist in the same space, giving an eclectic, casual and natural touch.



Park lamps made of synthetic materials. They do not carry. Now, wood, metal, glass or even marble, are cool. And especially if they create imperfect luminaries. Because they have that artisanal point that gives warmth to spaces and makes them personal and unique.


Tan your house

It is not summer for tans, however, in autumn, they feel very good. Especially at your home, because they give it that toasted and golden touch of fallen leaves. You´ll get it with toasted fabric screens but especially with Edison-style incandescent bulbs that are so fashionable.


See you on next post :)

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