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Belight Barcelona -  Decoration Lamps

Carriage trrasport

The delivery of the products will be made through the company MRW and the products will be sent to the delivery address filled in by the customer. You will receive your order within 24-48 hours (in Spain) and 5 days in another countries after placing your order and after checking the payment. Shipments will be made exclusively during business days (Monday to Friday). Shipments to Andorra, Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Ceura and Melilla will have an additional cost for the management of Single Customs Documentation (DUA): - Andorra 26,65 € - Canary Islands € 15.86 - Ceuta € 16.50 - Gibraltar € 20.00 - Melilla € 14.84 (RRP excluding VAT)



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Belight Barcelona -  Decoration Lamps